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• Bauhaus University, Weimar (D)

   Ph.D. Candidate, Art & Design 2017 –

   A Suite of Changes: A Political Timeline of the Pantsuit (1919-1946)

   Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Frank Hartmann (2017-2019); Prof. Christine Hill

• University of California Los Angles Extension (USA)

   2013 Applied Film Studies 4.0 GPA

   Cinematography, Pre-Production Film, Directing, Sound Design

• State Academy of Fine Art, 2005-2010, Karlsruhe (D)

   Diploma High Honors, 2010 Valedictorian

   Fine Art & Painting under Prof. Marijke van Warmerdam 2008-2010

   Fine Art & Sculpture under Prof. John Bock 2005-2008

• Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, 2009, Copenhagen (DK)

   Department for Time-based Media under Prof. Gerard Byrne

• University of Heidelberg 2004-2005 (D)

   European Art History and Romance Languages

• University of California at Berkeley 2002-2003 (USA)

   Fine Art and Theater Studies

• San Jose High Academy 2002 (USA)

   International Baccalaureate Diploma


• Bauhaus Research School Travel Grant  to Commercial Pattern Archive,         University of Rhode Island (USA), June – July 2 018 (D)

• DAAD Stibet Teaching Stipend, Bauhaus University, July – December 2018 (D)

• Guest Projects Residency, May 2014, London (UK)

• Unesco-Aschberg Residency Scholarship, Djerassi Institute, April 2013, Santa Cruz Mountains, California (USA)

• Post-graduate Travel Scholarship, State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe, November 2012, Karlsruhe (DE)

• Karin Abt-Straubinger Foundation, Grant for Syncopation, May 2012, Stuttgart (D)

• Nomination ZF Art Foundation, May 2012, Friedrichshafen (D)

• Nomination Dorothea von Stetten Prize, April 2012, Bonn (D)

• Camillo-Michele Gloria Prize, GVS Stuttgart, November 2010, Stuttgart (D)

• 2010 Valedictorian, State Academy of Fine Art, Karlsruhe (D)

• Prize for Lipstuck, Annual Show 2009, State Academy of Fine Art,  Karlsruhe (D)

• Erasmus Scholarship, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Spring Term 2009, Copenhagen (DK)

• 1st Prize for Semiotics of the Kitchen, Annual Show 2007,  State Academy of Fine Art, Karlsruhe (D)

• Kunstverein Rastatt Prize for the Best Work at the Annual Show 2007,  State Academy of Fine Art, Karlsruhe (D)

• 2004 Physical and Biological Staff Scholarship, UC Santa Cruz, CA (USA)

• 2003 Edward Frank Kraft Prize for Freshman with a 4.0 GPA, University of California at Berkeley, CA (USA)

• Dean‘s List UC Berkeley, Fall & Spring Term 2002 & 2003, Berkeley, CA (USA)

• 2001 California Arts Scholar, California State Governor’s Medallion, Sacramen to, CA (USA)

• Recognition for Artistic Accomplishment from US Senator, Barbara Boxer 2001, Sacramento, CA (USA)

• Recognition for Artistic Accomplishment from the Arts Council of Silicon Valley 2001, San Jose, CA (USA)


Solo Exhibitions

• Frigidaire, Kunstverein Friedrichshafen, March – May 2012, Friedrichs hafen (D)

• Swing Shoe Shop, State Museum of Fine Art Baden-Baden, February- April 2012, Baden-Baden (D)

• Frigidaire, 14-1 Gallery, September – November 2011, Stuttgart (D)

• Selene States – Videos, Solo Show in the Kunstverein Rastatt, September 2008, Rastatt (D)

Group Shows

Bauhaus 100, Bauhaus University Weimar, 04/2018, Weimar (D)

Regionale, Museum Willhelm Hack, 08/2014, Ludwigshafen (D)

Global Warming, Mannheimer Kunstverein, 08-09/2013, Mannheim (D)

Filmer, Immer Noch, Kunsthalle Mulhouse, 11/2012 – 01/2013 Mulhouse (FR)

What About Sunday? Videos, Milton Keynes Gallery, March 2013, Milton Keynes (UK)

Regionale 13, La Kunsthalle Mulouse &  l’Aubette 1928, 2012 Strasburg (FR)

Ostrale 011,  June – July, 2011, Dresden (D)

Regionale 11, Kunsthaus L-6, November 2010, Freiburg (D)

Camillo-Michele Gloria Young Art Exhibition, GVS Stuttgart, November 2010, Stuttgart (D)

Lieblingswerke, Kunstverein Heidelberg, April-May 2009, Heidelberg (D)

EMAF – European Media Arts Festival, April-May 2009, Osnabrück, (D)

Jacob Taekker – Selene States, Co-Lab, April-May 2009, Copenhagen (DK)

Kartoffeln oder Sushi? Group Show Class of Prof. John Bock, U7 Gallery, June-August 2007, Frankfurt a.M. (D)